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Aries Point Alert: The Sky is Heading for Capricorn

Aries Point Alert: The Sky is Heading for Capricorn
Dear Friend and Reader:

A CLUSTER of events the next few days is sending up an Aries Point alert: that is, global events on the horizon. The Sun is about to enter Capricorn for the southern solstice on Dec. 22 (winter solstice, up in the northern hemisphere). Jupiter, the Sun and Mercury are either in Capricorn or will get there within moments, with Pluto right behind. Then the Sun and Moon oppose one another (also called the Full Moon) across early Cancer/Capricorn on Dec. 24.

When a lunation occurs along an axis where there are many planets, it tends to precipitate global activity. Because this particular one occurs near the Aries Point (making a conjunction, square or opposition aspect to the first degree of Aries; in this case, a square or 90 degree angles from Cancer and Cap) the news tends to have a personal feel to it and/or it affects a lot of people. These developments are part of a pattern covered recently in this space.

In any event, the combination of a Full Moon near the solstice will make for a lively holiday environment, full of polarized discussions, intense emotions and of course some histrionics sponsored by those who can't quite keep a grip when the astrology hots up. The Moon is full in a very close conjunction to retrograde Mars in Cancer. For those who never miss an opportunity to overreact, you will be in the right place. As one who follows astrology, you can be mindful of the environment you're in, preparing like one who takes an umbrella when it looks like rain.

All the emphasis on Capricorn is good for what drives the holiday season in the Western world, a sense of obligation and a certain innocence about doing business. Cap is also in many respects the sign of families and things like the "institution" of marriage and of the family. This is some well-deserved support coming our way.

Jupiter in Capricorn could have one of two influences: protection, or magnifying whatever happens. Conceivably it could do both at once. It's never a good idea to make predictions unless it's part of a game, but this alignment is begging for them. The problem with astrology's predictions is they tend to be of two varieties: either the world is going to end, or humanity will suddenly ascend to the 5th dimension and we will all become enlightened.

We need to take a more practical, contemplative view. I propose we seek a future different than the past. Many people take a cynical view of the future, but we don't know what's going to happen this time around. We often forget we make the future, but it's never too late to remember. It's never too early, either.

Keep your antennae up. Pay attention six ways from Sunday, and remember astrology when you're watching the news, or watching yourself.

Eric Francis

Aries Point Alert: The Sky is Heading for Capricorn
Design from the original front cover of Planet Waves.
PS, today is the ninth birthday of Planet Waves. I posted the first website under the name Planet Waves in Ho-Ho-Kus, New Jersey on this day in 1998. Someone named Keiko Ito was sitting there with me, and Neal McDonough was close by. The Macintosh 7200 was given to me by my old friend Allan Rousselle, who first worked with me on Generation at SUNY Buffalo.

Planet Waves has been through the dot com boom, the dot com bust, Internets 1.0, 2.0 and 3.0, and quite a few changes of our own. Hundreds of talented people work or have worked with us from about 15 different countries. Thousands have subscribed from every state and many countries of the world.

At the time I first published the site, the notion of "subscriber supported internet" seemed out of reach. Today for us, it is a reality. We are first and foremost a more-than-virtual community of people who do what we love, and/or what we must do. Financially, Planet Waves thrives because your subscriptions support our technical and creative team, all of whom work far beyond the call of duty. Some of our most talented contributors volunteer.

Philosophically, I view us as a breeding ground for art and ideas that stir the pot and who knows, maybe that will help humanity make it to the next stage of our evolution.

To everyone who is taking this journey with us, spent nights in the wilderness exploring our pages, sent in a thank you note, a dollar or $5,000, worked all night with me for years on end, did things over 14 times so we could do it right, invited me for dinner or showed up to hang out at 2 am -- thank you with all my heart. -- e.f.c.

Small World Stories

Nexus: Astrology and Ecology
Excerpted from Small World Stories, the annual edition of Planet Waves. This year's edition includes Planet Wiki, featuring explanations of 16 of the newly discovered planets, from Chiron to Eris.

IN OTHER NEWS, we now live in a solar system where there are about a quarter-million known objects orbiting our own Sun. Some have names. Many do not, they just have numbers or provisional designations.

Most people are stunned to learn this information, but it's true. Whole new classes of planets have been born in recent years. Some are Centaurs, like Chiron, which shuttle between the inner solar system and the outer (coming inside the orbit of Saturn and even Jupiter, and extending out to Uranus, Neptune or Pluto). Others are members of the Kuiper Belt or Oort Cloud, vast regions of space around and beyond Pluto (Orcus, Varuna, Sedna). Some defy easy categorization (such as Cyllarus, which is considered a Centaur but which goes out well past Pluto).

New discoveries are named by astronomers, who are part of our culture. Most have trouble recognizing the validity of astrology. Yet they respond to the world around them, and interrelate with the same symbols and references available to everyone else. Their naming choices are recorded perpetually in scientific history, creating a kind of diary of the times in which we live. In doing so, they are resurrecting the ancient gods and goddesses and placing them and their stories into public consciousness, sending us a message about what's happening in our world. It is interesting that folklore is now in the hands of scientists, who are effective at using it. We are being called through the awakening of ancient myths to pay attention to what is happening to our world right now.

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