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Kingston, NY, Friday, Nov. 6, 2009

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Personal, Political: Scorpio and Aquarius

Dear Friend and Reader:

A wave of energy currently moving through Scorpio is likely to bring your most private thoughts to the surface of your awareness. You will discover them yourself first, then the next step is likely to be the need or the inspiration to tell others. I would regard this as a healthy impulse, but it needs to be handled carefully. In the current days there is the profound, immediate potential for healing deeply hidden pain and injury, though you need to make the time and space for the conversations to happen in a meaningful way. The risk of healing is vulnerability.

Planet Waves
Musicians brave a severe dust storm at Burning Man ritual, Sept. 2009. Photo by Eric Francis.
Here's how the astrology looks. A setup involving the Sun, Mercury, Jupiter and a small, meaningful centaur planet called Nessus has been developing all week, and peaks over the weekend. Planets in Scorpio (Sun, Mercury) are encountering planets in Aquarius (Nessus, Jupiter), and this is stirring the psychic/emotional pot. There's a level of conflict involved, as Scorpio thrives on a private kind of vibe and Aquarius thrives on an open one.

There is also the need for harmony: we all have all the signs working in all of our charts, and one effective way to work with astrology is to foster cooperation between all the energies and seemingly conflicting influences. This kinds of emotional struggles may be inconvenient, yet they have a way of building character.

The aspects involved are squares, including the currently forming Saturn square Pluto. We're all getting the same basic message, which is to be honest with ourselves as a first step in being honest with others. Sexual secrets and their underlying emotional reality (such as those involved in Scorpio) are among of the biggest problems we face as individuals, as participants in relationships, and as a society. Just like a relatively small injury can result in a systemic infection, a small secret can fester, spread its poison and eventually take over one's life, or as the case may be, a culture. That is the Aquarius factor.

This week, Maine became the 31st state where the voters denied same-sex couples the right to marry. Maine's legislature had passed a law allowing same-sex marriage, and then it was put on the ballot as Question 1. By a spread of about six percentage points (53% to 47%), voters repealed the same-sex marriage provision.

I have probably used the phrase "the personal is political" more than any other in Planet Waves, which is the key phrase I attribute to an astrological phenomenon known as the Aries Point. This is focused on the point in the zodiac where Pisces (the most collective sign) meets Aries (the most individual sign).

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Too Big To Fail
By Judith Gayle | Political Waves

Time flies. A year ago, the majority in this nation voted for a change in leadership. Not counting the two months in which Obama influenced but did not lead this country, we are about ten months into his tenure, and as promised, everything has, indeed, changed. George W. Bush breathed a sigh of relief as he handed over the presidency, eager to get away from the crushing responsibility that he botched so badly and the ticking international and financial time bombs he left behind. He speaks now, occasionally but repeatedly, about the joys of picking up dog poop. My mind reels with dark bits of snark whenever I hear this, but the inclination is overwhelmed by sheer gratitude that he's engaged in something so harmless. George was the perfect foil for the corporate coup that has brought the nation to her knees and, according to new polls, somewhat less than 20% of the nation misses him terribly. I'm amazed it's that many.

We had a handful of prominent elections this week and their result reflects the anger and anxiety across the land. The Huffington Post declared it a Republican sweep. Since this was Rightwing territory at stake, I'm hardly surprised, and both the nature of the political dialogue and the lethargy of the Left mark this turning. Those who won the day were mindful of the paranoid Tea Bagger theories proposed by operatives like Glenn Beck and Michelle Bachman, which is a distressing indicator that our political discourse has gone haywire in a big way and that for some of us, reality is not in play. A moderate Republican candidate was so offended by the radical rhetoric aimed her way that she dropped out and endorsed her Democratic opponent. As to turnout from the Left, improvement to their lives has been slow coming and their hopes dampened by myriad delays and political snafus. They stayed home in droves, which is the equivalent of voting against their own best interests. Sadly, I can guarantee them that things will not get better under Republican leadership; the GOP knows how to campaign, but history proves that they have very little talent at -- and only the barest interest in -- governing.

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Planet Waves
Weekly Horoscope for Friday, November 6, 2009, #791 - BY ERIC FRANCIS

Planet Waves
Cancer (June 21- July 22)
We've reached the point, at least in American society, where sex must become synonymous with sexual healing. Food must become synonymous with emotional healing and the work we do needs to be considered integral to creative healing. All three are related; they all emerge from the ways in which we have been pushed into giving up our passions and in truth, giving up on ourselves. The sense of injury that you may be encountering relates to a collective wound. You feel it as personal; in truth, it describes everyone around you. The other open secret is that we constantly fall prey to the same collective pain that we think of as personal, and as a result we're scared to talk about what's bothering us, much less actually address it. Let's deal with that shame.

Planet Waves
Scorpio (Oct. 23- Nov. 22)
Saturn entering Libra represents an enormous sea change for you. Certain elements of your nature make you one of the most inherently introspective signs of the 12. Yet Saturn, now in your 12th solar house, is drawing you toward a dimension of inner seclusion that is different than anything you've experienced lately. And that is putting pressure on you to change your mind about certain long-held beliefs; to alter your environment; and to come to terms with everything about you that nobody else knows. However, you may recognize that your inner secret world cannot stay that way for long. The overriding theme of your current transits is that in order to regain your sanity, you need to be more transparent. In the end, you will discover that it was not what you were concealing that was causing your struggle, but the mere fact that you concealed it.

Planet Waves
Pisces (Feb. 19- March 20)
It's as if you're living two lives. They have little in common with one another. One exists in the world of your imagination. One exists in a more tangible form. Yet for a Pisces, the imagination is tangible and the external world can have all the properties of a dream. Indeed, in your consciousness, dreams often have more credulity than what most call 'reality'. Now, this distinction is not as simple as a parallel between dreams and reality; it's two parallel dimensions, side by side. Occasionally you get an opportunity to bring facets of one into the other. That's what is happening now, and what will be happening over the next few weeks. Focus on and develop what seems to be in your private world, to the point where it takes on vivid reality. Then, begin to transpose it in words, or pictures, or any form that may be revealed to more than one other person.

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