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Kingston, NY, Wednesday, April 14, 2010

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Pisces Birthday Audio for 2010 by Eric Francis
Dear Friend and Pisces:

Planet Waves
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Pisces has been under particularly bold astrology for the past year, with most major events coming from or being influenced by your sign. Let's see: first there was the triple conjunction of Jupiter, Chiron and Neptune; that involved the two rulers of Pisces. Then there's been the Saturn-Uranus opposition, which directly involved Pisces. Speaking of, Saturn in Virgo has had a profound effect on Pisces relationships.

Now we have Jupiter in Pisces, Chiron about to make its way into your sign next week, and finally, the conjunction of Jupiter and Uranus on June 8, again involving a Pisces planet.

And...what does it all mean? I've created an extended audio presentation for Pisces birthdays that gets into all this astrology in the kind of imaginative detail that you want. In one full segment of about 20 minutes, I look closely at Chiron in Pisces. And I've added a tarot card spread for Pisces, using the amazing Voyager deck by James Wanless.

This audio is available now. After the amazing success of the Aries birthday audio in March [please see feedback here], I thought I would cover Pisces before getting into Taurus (which will be next week). This audio reviews your transits going back to last year, and covers well into 2011. In all, it's the length of one of my professional consultations, about 70+ minutes of astrology and tarot. I've been doing tarot for seven years longer than I've been doing astrology, and these birthday readings have been ringing the bell.

It's presented in an easy-to-use audio format, divided into four sections. We've had very good success with this device working for all of our clients.

So if you're a Pisces, treat yourself to a late birthday present. This audio is also great for Pisces rising and should be informative and helpful to anyone with a Pisces Moon; or a Pisces significant other who you're trying to figure out. It's priced to be affordable -- the whole thing for just $14.99.

Here's your sign-up link -- and happy birthday, Pisces.

Your astrologer,
Eric Francis

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