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Kingston, NY, Sunday, July 27, 2008

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On the subject of getting unstuck...

Dear Friend and Reader:

I'm here this evening to ask for your assistance; nothing difficult and something potentially fun. I am writing to you because as one of our past subscribers, you're someone who enjoys and sees the value of Planet Waves, and who sees the value to the world if we thrive as a creative project. I get many letters from readers who say that Planet Waves is the only thing they subscribe to on the Internet. That is among highest compliments I could ever hear, and so much of your feedback is inspiring or deeply moving.

Planet Waves
On Friday, I asked Chelsea, our business manager, where most of our new subscriptions come from, and she said from current subscribers sending an issue to a friend who likes it, then they sign up. That is to say, old-fashioned word of mouth. This method works so well that recently I was hired for a premium horoscope gig in Australia by a subscriber who had been referred by a friend. (In fact, just about any time I get a decent horoscope gig, or writing gig of any kind, it comes from a subscriber who happens to also be an editor or web developer.)

So I'm here to ask you to tell your friends about Planet Waves. Please send them some of our work, and tell them that we're a service that you subscribe to.

If you miss Planet Waves, please renew your subscription. As you will see, we're working the frontier of astrology, as usual, and we always have something interesting to read. Then if each of you referred one new subscriber, we would double our base and our company would run at a profit. This in turn would free up enormous creative energy for me and my team to do more of the beautiful work you love. If you referred two people, we would triple our base and we would invest the money in site improvements that would (for example) give you individual user login, better site organization and innovative special projects.

So please refer a friend, or two, or more. Please help us grow and thrive. Help us get our positive message to the world, and in turn, provide you with better services. I would also invite you to purchase a gift subscription for anyone to whom you already send our editions regularly.

The best way to send our work out is to send the URL -- that is, the Web address of the edition -- with a short personal testimonial. If there are people you forward to every week, please ask them to sign up. We also post a "Web Edition Of This Issue" at the top of every mailing specifically for the purpose of forwarding or posting to your blog. Here are three recent editions for you to share:
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I would also be most grateful if you would visit and refer people to the daily blog Planet Waves is publishing, which we're working diligently to develop as an exciting Internet destination. It now includes a weekly Q and A column and will soon include a twice-weekly feature called Astrology for Artists. Here is the blog's address: http://planetwaves.net/pagetwo/

Thank you not only for subscribing, but for reading with such passion. Thank you for sharing your loving comments, your questions and your pictures, writing and artwork. Most of all, thank you for telling your friends and loved ones about Planet Waves. If we get a wave of subscriptions coming in during this eclipse season, I think we'll get some lasting momentum going. That would be a most welcome development.

I'll see you Tuesday with the Inner Space horoscope.

Yours & truly,
Eric Francis

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