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Kingston, NY, Friday, Sep. 24, 2010

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Cosmic Confidential Diary
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Dear _______

Planet Waves
We've experienced some very unusual astrology this year and we know you've been feeling it; the world is in quite a state as well. Many people are anxious, yet many are also feeling the potential of the moment but don't quite know what to do with it: there seem to be so many factors in the way. At Planet Waves, we're using astrology to help you remove or at least see beyond those obstacles, ease your mind and help you plot your course to the future that you want.

We're offering a diversity of services to bring useful information to you. While we used to provide just a weekly subscription service, our goal is to create astrology products that are very close to personal consulting, easily available to you at a fraction of the cost. We know that our clients like to receive information in a diversity of ways, as personalized as possible, and we do our best to suit your desires and needs.

Planet Waves
Planet Waves Astrology News offers you Eric's detailed Sun-sign horoscopes. These interpretations are internationally renowned and respected even by astrologers who don't typically honor Sun-sign columns. Our readership goes back more than 14 years. Each week, Astrology News also includes articles on the current astrology that morph inner evolution and the state of the world. Each of these essays takes a distinctive philosophical approach to the current astrology, bridging the gap between 'within' and 'without'. We know of no other resource that takes this deeply personal approach to world events, or that uses astrology to help you find meaning in events that often seem impossible to understand. Our readers understand and value our unique approach, saying it "gives a well-rounded perspective on how and why [an event] might have occurred. It allows us all to ponder the issues of the world with a different, broader view; more inclusive as opposed to exclusive and separating." Here is a recent edition. Click here to order a subscription to Astrology News.

Planet Waves
We offer Planet Waves Light for those who just want the horoscopes; an incredible value. Says one current subscriber, "Certainly, when things have been difficult or challenging with life, I have reflected on the horoscopes and gained new perspective and growth for myself. At present, I am being guided to go beyond my own perceived limits. I guess I have to say that right now you have turned into a mini life coach for me!" You will get at least six horoscopes a month and a few well-selected articles focused on astrology with Planet Waves Light. Here is a recent edition. Click here to order a subscription to Planet Waves Light.

Planet Waves
This year we've created a series of intimate audio reports, and we're doing one for each of the signs. Currently eight signs are available. The audio reports go into depth, offering an hour of astrology and a 20-minute tarot reading. These sign reports work very well for our readers — people are passionate about them, giving us glowing feedback: "The audio was wonderful. Full of the insight and knowledge that Eric is known for, it also felt very personal, like a one-on-one reading; totally worth it." Here is a complete list of the individual sign astrology reports currently available; a new one will be added each month as we wind up 2010. Eric also does a free audio presentation every Wednesday. Here is a free archive of those podcasts.

Planet Waves
We've also done three 12-sign audio reports that are brimming with information. They apply to every sign, so you can read your Moon and rising sign as well as those of your friends and loved ones. These are the Midyear Report, Chiron in Pisces and Mercury Retrograde in Virgo. All of these are still relevant now; said one reader, "I found it especially helpful and spot on to what is happening in my confusing and sometimes scary life at the moment." Yet they address themes that reach well beyond this year.

Planet Waves
Cosmic Confidential is our annual edition, which has 2010 year-ahead readings for all 12 signs -- described by one reader as "a breathtaking piece of work." We are soon to announce the 2011 annual edition, and right now we're offering all 12 signs of Cosmic Confidential for just $25. With regard to its lasting relevance, one reader wrote, "This is a great publication with accessible and clear organization. Wow. And the readings! Lots to chew on for months and months. Again, accessible is the keyword. Yet you've thrown in loads of goodies for those of us wanting to dig into the astrology of this amazing year. I cannot begin to count the number of astrologers who produce annual readings that read like formulas and pad their writing with repetitive and 'pat' one-size-fits-all interpretations. PW NEVER does that." If you're a subscriber to the 2010 edition, you will be eligible to receive the 2011 edition at a substantial discount. Click here to order the 2010 annual edition.

Among these products is something to fit every need and every budget. Please contact Chelsea if you have questions about any of our offerings.

Thank you for making Planet Waves such a success. We are always open to your suggestions.

Very truly yours,
Eric Francis

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