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Kingston, NY, Wenesday, July 7, 2010

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Dear Fellow Traveler,

I'll admit it: for a while I've been subscribed to one of those free online horoscope services in addition to Planet Waves; you know, one that has four little categories, each devoted to an area of life and a corresponding aspect. I don't give it the same attention as Planet Waves, but every once in a while I'll read something in the email that fits the day. That said, I noticed quite a while ago that while the occasional typo proves a human was originally behind each little aspect interpretation, the aspect gets the same little blurb each day it's in effect. That is to say, the repetition proves a human is not working with this material fresh each time.

This practically hit me over the head recently when my daily reading contained not one but two direct contradictions between segments.

In the lead segment, I read, "It's time to make a choice, and it won't be an easy one. It will, however, be a life-changing one. You'll see the effects of the verdict you announce now in about three months."

It sounded exciting until I got to the "Energy" segment. That told me, "Having your feelings isn't an emotional indulgence. It's something that is necessary for your mental and physical health. If you need to, take time off -- and no major decisions."

Um, wait a minute... doesn't a "life-changing" decision count as a "major" decision? I mean, if that doesn't... what does? I was left scratching my Taurean head about the energy of the day. Should I make a decision, or sit on it and weigh my options more?

I kept reading, hoping for some advice I could actually work with; maybe a little time off was just what the doctor ordered after all. We Tauruses do hate to rush things. But the "Career" section counseled me with a second contradiction: "Much as you'd like to, taking time off may not be possible -- not without causing a serious rift in your work situation, at least." Argh!

I was about ready to throw up my hands and go back to bed. If I didn't know that there were more cohesive options for horoscopes, I would wonder if Sun-sign astrology is really useful after all. Lucky for me, I happen to know and work with an excellent astrologer who writes horoscopes based on the whole picture.

That is the difference in paying for a subscription to Planet Waves Astrology News or Planet Waves Light: in every issue Eric writes an integrated view of astrology that doesn't break down aspects into contradictory parts. The horoscopes offer a grounded, elegant, whole-picture approach that offers much-needed advice for your personal growth and they're freshly written every time -- no canned, recycled stock interpretations of isolated aspects. Ever.

There are hundreds of free horoscopes and astrology reports for you to choose from on any given day. The choice comes down to two things: quality and value. Or, as the old adage goes, you get what you pay for.

Don't you think that's worth at least a couple dollars a week? Planet Waves is actually available for a little less than that; a 12 month subscription is just $1.69 per week.

You can even try us out for less than a full year if your other horoscope service is giving you mixed signals about making commitments right now:

Click here to order a six month subscription to Astrology News for only $34.95 (normally $44.95). You'll get a weekly horoscope and newsletter (articles by Eric Francis and Judith Gayle) delivered via email each Friday and a monthly horoscope two Tuesdays per month.

Or click here to try us out for free. After the first month, it's only $9.94/month to continue receiving the best horoscopes and astrological newsletter in the business.

If you want just the horoscopes (no newsletter), Planet Waves Light is the subscription for you. We'll give you a month free (a seven month subscription for the price of six). Click here to order Planet Waves Light.

Thanks for supporting Planet Waves and giving us the opportunity to support you.

Yours & truly,

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