Kingston, NY, September, 2007

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Consultations with Eric Francis

Hello friends around the world...

Consultations with Eric Francis
Photo by Dani Voirin
I'm now welcoming new astrology clients from among Planet Waves subscribers*. There will probably be a short wait, but the list is open and moving. In the New York area, the Hudson Valley, Phoenix, Paris, Brussels, Barcelona or London, we can work in-person. From all other locales, we would work by phone. My astrology process is a dialog, not a reading. Or rather, it's a trialog, a three-way conversation between you, me and your chart -- in that order. In my philosophy, you reveal your astrology, not the other way around. Once you do this, your chart speaks more deeply, helps unlock the secrets held in time, and provides us with a map to the choices involved in creating your future. I love the adventure working this way, created based on my early work with Chiron, my journey with homeopathy and my love of Gestalt-based therapy. Together, we take a life-affirming view of existence, honor relationships as nourishment, and put freedom first.

Please contact Chelsea Bottinelli for more information, by email or by calling (206) 567-4455 during Eastern business hours. I look forward to speaking with you.

With gratitude,
Eric Francis

*We do not reveal the identity of our clientele. All our work is strictly confidential. Astrology consultation clients will be invited from our active subscriber list. Being a subscriber does not guarantee a session; rather, it makes one eligible. To subscribe to Planet Waves, please visit this link, and then contact Chelsea at (206) 567-4455 to be added to the our list. The approximate wait for a phone consultation is currently two to three months.

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