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New York, Friday, Feb. 09, 2007

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Recent photo of Anna Nicole Smith on the homepage of Trimspa.
Recent photo of Anna Nicole Smith on the homepage of Trimspa.
Chart Notes: Anna Nicole Smith
By Eric Francis

The top chart (below) is the time that Anna's body was found by her bodyguard/nurse in the Hard Rock Hotel in Hollywood, Florida. In the place of death, we have an echo of a prior generation of deaths that defined an era; the Hard Rock chain derives its name from the album Morrison Hotel. Anna's death will help define our era much like the deaths of Morrison, Janis Joplin and Jimi Hendrix defined the Sixties, and in many respects served as a call to awakening.

Two charts are provided here, and I'll give a few brief notes. The body-found chart is always worth checking, the first revelation of something having occurred. Planets are clustered in two groups -- in Aquarius (9th house) and Pisces (10th house). Gemini is rising and Mercury is the highest planet; this signifies fame, and also her identity as a mom (10th house is the house of mothers). Note the Uranus-Venus conjunction, which is her eccentric kind of glamour and values; and then Ceres/North Node (Rahu), her dharma as a mother and as one who bears the grief of mothers publicly.

Pisces 10th is the perfect image of both a fantasy career and some significant sacrifice in the process, sacrifice as in "making sacred" and "giving yourself totally." The presence of Ceres in this chart suggests her grief at the loss of her son, and her guilt for not having been able to protect him. She also may have had a hand in his death. Apparently the night before his death he couldn't sleep and she was purported to have given him something to help him sleep.

The 9th house is spiritual reality, and there we find the exact Sun-Neptune conjunction, in this chart exact to seven minutes of arc (called cazimi, the most precise conjunction recognized by the ancients, a perfect conjunction). Sun-Neptune is the illustration of everyone's ideal, as she would be whoever you wanted to be (in your imagination): lover, mother, friend, girlfriend, intelligent partner, collaborator, slut, sacred prostitute -- she could morph in to any one of those states of existence. The strong presence of Neptune also suggests death by drugs and alcohol, which is elaborated later.

Chiron in this house suggests the "spiritual wound" and the global presence of her soul. She is part of our group soul, the soul of all women, and women idealized by men, but revealed to be who they are, on the soul level.

Going around the wheel to the right, in the with house, we have Mars -- the nature and cause of death: sudden, in Capricorn (corporate sanctioned, suggesting legal rather than illicit means). Mars rules the 6th house of prescription meds. Also, the ruler of the 8th, Saturn, opposes her Sun. Something was cutting off her vitality, and Capricorn always comes with an emphasis on guilt.

Notice Pluto and the Galactic Core Jupiter on the Great Attractor near her 6th/7th cusp, relationship with very big thigns and people, in death as in life.

The Moon and Vesta are in Scorpio: Vesta, the sacred prostitute, and the Moon representing her daughter, to whom she gave life just before she died.

Natal Chart

She has a classical 1960s chart, with the Uranus-Pluto conjunction. Note that she is experiencing her Uranian opposition, Uranus now in Pisces, opposing her Virgo planets. She has the version of the Sixties chart with Chiron in Pisces exactly opposing the Uranus-Pluto midpoint. In her own unique way, she embodied the spirit of the 1960s like few people of her generation; Kurt Cobain comes to mind as one of her peers.

She has Ceres, Venus, the Moon and Juno on the South Node, Ketu, past karma, her patterns, talents and life mission brought in from other lifetimes. Maternity shows up powerfully, as the Moon on its own node, and Ceres conjunct; she identified as a wife as well as a mother.

Note the Mercury-Neptune conjunction in Scorpio, with its emphasis on her psychic gifts, her sexuality, her use of image and communication, as well as a key factor in her life and the life of her child, inheritance.

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