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Small World Stories

Dear Friend and Reader:

Small World Stories is the 2008 annual horoscope edition from Planet Waves. This is our themed annual edition, similar to The Spiral Door or Parallel Worlds from prior years. Your purchase includes extended full-year horoscopes for all 12 signs. They explore relationships, your professional and creative aspirations, your financial growth, personal growth and sexuality.

The horoscopes feature an in-depth look at Pluto in Capricorn, which opens a new era in astrological history that begins in January 2008. Most astrologers are looking at this as a global event; I will explore its personal implications in your annual horoscope.
In a special section, we also give an astrological tour of the fascinating newly discovered planets in our solar system (Chiron, Eris, Sedna, Varuna and others). This will sum up years of my research into this little-understood astrological subject. And there is a reader-contributed section featuring your amazing experiences of living in a small world.

To pre-order Small World Stories, click here or click the graphic above. The pre-ordering price is currently $24.95. The price will increase the closer we get to publication! So take advantage of our low price today. We are only sending this announcement to subscribers today, so you can order before we start sliding up the price (kind of like Burning Man tickets as the festival approaches).

Anticipated publication date is the first week of January. Needless to say I am extremely excited about this project, for many reasons: the annual horoscope is always an adventure, Pluto in Capricorn will surely be an adventure, and this is my first opportunity to have a real forum for my work on the minor planets.

As you may know, the annual horoscope edition is also our annual fundraiser. The proceeds from the project will go into building Planet Waves and its subscriber services. So thank you for your order and for taking advantage of the early-bird price and the gift option we're offering as well.

Eric Francis

Small World Stories is Published by Planet Waves, Inc.

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