Brussels, July 14, 2007

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Cancer New Moon Special Project

Dear Friend of Planet Waves:

Consultations with Eric Francis
Photo by Dani Voirin
I am writing and sending this letter exactly in the New Moon zone so we can have a little extra backup from the universe on a project that involves home, the environment and a lot of people. I just ask for a few moments of your time.

As some of you know, I have a long-term environmental project involving some toxic dorms in New Paltz, NY. I've worked on this story since Dec. 29, 1991 and it's remained a constant in my life through many changes, and living in numerous cities and countries.

On Aug. 21, the State of New York is going to move 1,000 more students back into the buildings; all of them unsuspecting, trusting the college, never imagining that they are about to move into a building full of dioxin and PCBs. I am sure that if you were about to walk into this situation, you would  be grateful if someone warned you.

If someone could save your kid getting leukemia or reproductive disease, I am sure you would be moved to tears with gratitude. So let's do it.

My request is this: please spread the word. Maybe your teenage son or little sister is a genius at getting the word out. Maybe your cousin is a MySpace expert. Maybe you're a blogger, a journalist, or somebody with a nice address book. It needs to be posted, forwarded, sent to local newspapers -- whatever.

Here is the article:

I truly appreciate your help. If we all took on one local issue, the world would make a lot of progress. So this is the issue I've adopted, in a place that I love, in a university that I love.

Yours & truly,
Eric Francis

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