Bush Inauguration 2005:
Washington DC, 12:01 PM EST, January 20, 2005
(Minor Planets)

Chiron in Capricorn conjuncts the mid-heaven and exactly squares the nodes; the nodes are also exactly square the mid-heaven. Chiron is also conjunct the Sun in the first degree of Aquarius and both are opposite retrograde Saturn in Cancer. Saturn is also square the nodes, thus forming a grand cross. Neptune sits at the top of the chart in the tenth house forming an exact square to Ceres in Scorpio, which is exactly conjunct the seventh house cusp. Ceres squares Juno, which is also in the tenth house. Juno trines Jupiter in Libra in the sixth. Mercury and Venus are conjunct in the ninth house in Capricorn, square Jupiter. Mercury/Venus also squares Pallas. Pallas trines Neptune in the tenth and the Moon in the first house. Chiron is quintile Ceres. Pluto is quintile both Uranus and Pallas.

Mars is conjunct Pluto in Sagittarius in the eighth, squaring the Part of Fortune.

Interpretation of this chart by Eric Francis:

Let the Games Begin

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