Annual Solar Eclipse: October 3, 2005 (Minor Planets)

Look at that Sun, Moon, Kassandra conjunction. She's the one who was cursed with the gift of prophesy that nobody would believe. This is an unfortunate fact of our culture. Thus, it is a good idea to listen to the prophets that nobody wants to believe. We do have quite a few of them, and the most important among them are honest scientists. Urania is the patron of science and astrology, and in this chart appears in close conjunction with Hidalgo and Hopi. Hidalgo is the rebel. He is the one not afraid to buck the rules of his culture. He could care less what The Man thinks; Padre Hidalgo does it his way. Hopi brings in all things Native American, but also the potential for an ambush of some kind. From Virgo? I see a picture of a widely publicized, highly credible scientific warning coming out of 'nowhers' that nobody wants to believe; so they don't. But what do people believe? Hey, lawnmowers are half off at K-Mart this time of year. Let's be more profound yet still. The Urania conjunction is square Pluto, Icarus, and Achilles. That sounds like somebody wants to take a daring chance (Icarus), but is seized with false lack of confidence (Achilles). False lack of confidence? That's what most people struggle with. That's the name of the tune on planet game.

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