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Kingston, NY, Friday, May 8, 2009

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Growing Into Our God-ness
By Judith Gayle | Political Waves

Now that the swine flu is proving to be something of a pig in a poke, surely to be revisited in the Fall flu season, we will need another emergency to keep the networks in the race for May ratings. I suspect that the situation in Pakistan will provide one, and we'll find our TV news alerts accompanied by martial music and dire projections. FOX News will likely posture that we must go Rambo on the Taliban, which is not only predictable but ironic since it plays to the very religious authoritarianism for which the Taliban is infamous.

FOX represents the school of thought that seldom, if ever, examines the 'mote in its own eye.' It sees no problem with American soldiers charged with fighting for Christian converts in the Mideast; it does not recognize its own Christianist fatwas. It defends the vengeful God of the Old Testament, extends hate speech as political punditry and gives the Right a place where -- as a blogger recently said of ex-evangelical bigwig, Frank Schaeffer's post on hate mail from the Religious Right -- Christianity isn't safe for Jesus.

And now, keeping the religious wars amped up, Justice David Souter's resignation from the Supreme Court has given the GOP culture-sweats, and the networks a partisan extravaganza to hype with months of coverage. In the conservative view, the Constitution is not an adaptable document and must be protected from 'activists' that 'legislate from the bench.' That would be any progressive you could name, mind you; Republicans have already launched an attack on Obama's pick, without having a name to attach it to.

While the country itself has moved Left by steady increments over the last several generations, the Court has continued to move further Right; Bush accomplished very little for his party in eight years, but he did give them two radical ideologues in Roberts and Alito, and salted the lower courts with similar. Due to the lifetime tenure of the Supreme judges, this will be the first Democratic placement on the court in almost 15 years.

Souter was a pick of George H. W. Bush and disappointed the Right by staying true to principled Conservatism. In that regard, he eventually joined those on the Left as a moderate; leaving an Obama replacement unable to change the ideological makeup of the High Court but perhaps to lay the groundwork for further appointments. Only Scalia, on the Right, is of an age to speculate about; Roberts, Alito and Thomas are relatively young men. It will be Obama's pleasure, I expect, to attempt to bring the court back toward center.

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Grand Fixed Cross: The Scorpio Full Moon
By Tracy Delaney w/Eric Francis

At today's Scorpio Full Moon, the Sun, Moon and several centaur planets form a fixed grand cross, i.e., a cross made up of two oppositions and four squares. This takes place in the fixed signs Taurus (the Sun), Leo (Elatus), Scorpio (the Moon and Chariklo) and Aquarius (Nessus). That's six 'hard' or 90-degree-based aspects working together in formation, and the main thing they have in common is that they are all in fixed signs. These are the signs that the Sun transits in the middle of a season, when we get near one of the cross-quarter days (such as Beltane). They have the stable energy of continuing what we've started. It's the energy of keep going rather than initiate something new, or quit while you're ahead.

A grand cross can feel like being caught in a crosshairs; like there is something significant to address in every direction. They can also be stabilizing factors, but what is often focused on is the process of change and growth itself.

Although Pluto, modern ruler of fixed sign Scorpio (now a dwarf planet, and having some similarities to centaurs in terms of his elongated orbit and high declination to the ecliptic) seems to deal with the change/stability paradox quite nicely by being fixed in his determination to bring about change. This is not change for its own sake, but rather renewing dedication and commitment to evolution and growth.

Another factor in this chart that supports this idea is the Aries Point. The cross-quarters (the midpoints of the fixed signs) are related to the Aries Point because they aspect it by 45 or 135 degrees -- relatives to the square aspect. So all of the planets in the grand fixed cross are aspecting all of the cardinal points -- the first degrees of Aries, Cancer, Libra and Capricorn. This makes the chart an enormous intersection between the public and private spheres of existence.
Last year at this time, we experienced a New Moon precisely on Beltane. If you recall, at that time there was no serious public talk of an economic crisis -- though this rates among the many times astrologers 'should have noticed' something was up, mainly due to the Aries Point involvement of the Taurus midpoint.

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Editor's Note: These briefs are written each week by a guy named Eric Francis of Little Rock, AK. I found him googling my own name, discovered he was a journalist, and he came on board as our news writer. I was hooked from the first line of his bio, "I am a newspaper man." Kid, you're hired. -- EFC

A founding mother of NASA dies at 102

Born May 4, 1906, just after the dawn of powered flight, Dr. Eileen Marie Galloway may never have ridden a rocket into space, but she still became one of the most important contributors to the American space program.

Her work began just after Russia launched its Sputnik satellite. From a small office in the Library of Congress Annex, she undertook the duty assigned her by President Lyndon B. Johnson as staff consultant for hearings on space technology and its military implications. Galloway became an expert in space law and policy, and an ardent opponent of the militarization of space. She was also instrumental in the creation of the legislation that established the National Aeronautics and Space Administration, or NASA.

Galloway died on May 2 of cancer, two days short of her 103rd birhtday.

According to the Washington Post obituary, she described her job this way in a 1958 interview: "I translate the world of scholarly research" into a form in which "it can be understood in the world of practical politics."

On the memorial page at NASA's website, she was hailed as "the grand dame of space" and credited her with helping write the legislation establishing the agency, particularly language "emphasizing international cooperation and peaceful exploration."

It also showed Galloway's sense of humor, quoting her as saying her reaction to her appointment by Johnson was, "The only thing I knew about outer space at that time was that the cow had jumped over the Moon."

The NASA site also includes a link to a 2006 video interview with Galloway.

Galloway, who had lived in Washington, D.C., was preceded in death by her husband George Barnes Galloway and a son, David Barnes Galloway. She is survived by a son, Jonathan Fuller Galloway, six grandchildren, and five great-grandchildren.

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Planet Waves
Weekly Horoscope for Friday, May 8, 2009, #765 - By ERIC FRANCIS

Planet Waves
Taurus (April 19- May 20)
Over the next several days, you are poised to break free of one particular deadlock, only to be drawn into a new depth of confrontation with yourself. The radical lesson (in the true sense of the word radical -- meaning at your roots) lesson that you are learning is about how to relate to others in a way that is not oppressive, wrought with expectation or coming with a control agenda. This specifically includes a self-control agenda, which can be one of the most crippling things in a relationship, and one of the most difficult to admit. It's easier to run a control drama on someone else than it is to let on you're doing it to yourself; and it will come as a true relief when you decide you're determined to do neither. Hint: the opposite of control is communication.

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Planet Waves
Virgo (Aug. 23- Sep. 22)
The odd paradox of the moment is about how much more you want to do than you feel free to do. You might be noticing this one wherever you look. It's being enhanced by your rapidly growing sense of your own potential, which is providing the intensity of the contrast. In other words, your limitations are casting a shadow that seems deeper than it is, based on the intensity of the light of what you feel is possible and more to the point, what you know you must do. Here is a little game you can play with the world. Imagine that every goal you have, you will meet in a way other than the one you are planning, or the way that you expect will work. Don't worry about how you're going to get there; just let it be different than what you're expecting.

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Planet Waves
Capricorn (Dec. 22- Jan. 20)
Saturn, your personal planet and one of my favorite planets, continues to retrograde in over-cautious, over-critical Virgo; this is how it feels to be a young girl controlled by her mother. If you're someone who has ideas but they're never good enough or big enough, you may finally crack open the situation now. Saturn is now square something called the Great Attractor, and this is bigger than any negative opinion you may have and it's bigger than the fear that's regularly instilled in us that we are constantly being spied on by a God who doesn't really answer when we pray. Right now if you focus your intentions and make a conscious effort to recognize the value of your ideas, you definitely stand a prayer of a chance of making the changes you want so badly.

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