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Kingston, NY, Friday, Jan. 16, 2009

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 We're watching the world

Dear Friend and Reader:

Today's edition of Planet Waves Astrology News is now available to subscribers. It's the last issue before Obama's inauguration, with a lead article exploring the chart, and looking into the history of US inaugurations. We live in times of momentous change and a sense of uncertainty. You've turned to Planet Waves many times in less strange moments. How will he handle the deeply divided public? Will the United States remain one country through 2012? Which presidents were sworn in under Mercury retrograde? What kind of effect will it have?

Our Friday edition is being reinvented into the premier astrology magazine on the Net. There was never anything like Planet Waves, with our cashmere blend of honoring your inner life and world events. We live in a time when the two are inextricably linked; this has always been true, but many people are starting to figure it out for themselves --and Planet Waves is designed to be your haven, a cosmic portal where the big world intersects with your world.

We're adding new features every week, including keeping a close eye on space news, new planetary discoveries and the astrology of many more news events. We still have the smartest horoscopes in the business --- five different ones, if you're a subscriber (the weekly, three excellent monthlies and the new Eriscope erotic horoscope).

And as ever, we are committed to beauty, something that seems to have gone out of style with the Age of Pisces. We constantly feature the work of new artists and photographers, many of them Planet Waves subscribers themselves.

To sign up and get instant access, check this link. You can still get Next World Stories, the 2009 annual, for just $25 if you sign up for a three-month subscription to Planet Waves Astrology News. This is our combined subscription offer. It's a great deal -- Next World Stories has been a bestseller and is getting rave reviews.

We believe that the future of astrology has arrived. Become part of it. Subscribe to Planet Waves, or come back to the fold. We're working for you every day, and your subscriptions are what build our city in the sky.

Peace & passion,
Eric Francis
Founder and Publisher

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