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Kingston, NY, Friday, Nov. 13, 2009

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Beyond the Reactionary Floorshow

Dear Friend and Reader:

Sometimes I wonder if humanity is not a puppet, subject only to the influences coming from outside. I say this because as we approach the first exact square of Saturn and Pluto, events of recent days are so characteristic of this aspect that it leads me to wonder how, exactly, these things are scripted.

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Photo by Eric Francis.
The Saturn-Pluto cycle, which had its last peak in the summer of 2001, is described in Cosmos and Psyche by Richard Tarnas as a cycle of crisis and contraction -- a time when reactionary movements thrive on fear and narrowness. Fuelled by our anxiety about change and our obsession with clinging to the supposedly little we have, those with an agenda we refuse to look at eat human energy like the cannibal scavengers they are; bless their tortured souls.

We also tend to let the same energy consume us from inside. This of course produces change, but not necessarily of the kind we say we want -- progress toward a more pleasant and egalitarian world.

Sunday is the first of three exact squares in this cluster, and this autumn has come with the feeling of a squeeze or the attempt to push things to a head. The confluence of events included the massacre at Fort Hood last week, where a U.S. Army major and psychiatrist opened fire on his peers, killing 13 people and injuring more than 30 others.

The massacre is being used to foster a bunch of new anger and hatred directed toward Muslims, and more justification for why we are in Iraq and Afghanistan at all: there is a jihad movement and it's out to get us. This, as President Obama considers proposals for exactly what to do with Afghanistan -- such as whether and how to increase troop levels. Here is something to consider: he won't be able to pull the troops out without a wide public consensus that we don't belong there at all; and that these wars are doing nothing but damaging the world and our own society.

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Lou Dobbs Was CEO of Space.com

The comings and goings of 24-hour cable news celebs and their constant ratings wars and personality clashes don't generally pass muster for a Planet Waves story.

But then you run across information like this from The New York Times: "Mr. Dobbs quit CNN once before, in 1999. [...] He became the chief executive of Space.com, an astronomy news source, but returned to the network two years later."

That would be Lou Dobbs, Mr. Independent himself, CNN's [now former] quirky, outspoken, so xenophobic it's kind of funny news anchor, who quit the network this week. He had recently clashed with management over some of his remarks -- such as giving credence to those who questioned President Obama's citizenship, for example. [Actually, it was John McCain who was born in Panama, outside the Canal Zone in the city of Colon, and who is not, in fact, a natural born citizen.]

But Space.com? I mean, there might be foreigners out there. Really, really weird ones who want our jobs and who don't have to worry about any kind of fence keeping them out.

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Weekly Horoscope for Friday, November 13, 2009, #792 - BY ERIC FRANCIS

Planet Waves
Cancer (June 21- July 22)
I've been in a long email correspondence with one of the world's leading radical feminists; or at least she was when feminism was something that had a voice in society. What I've discovered is that she wandered off into the desert of denying pleasure; and worse, of denying that sexual reality is an influence in every other aspect of reality. At the moment you are poised for a sexual awakening that feels like thunder and lightning on a hot summer night -- the kind of night when you want to leave the windows open despite the pouring rain. Or, more likely, run naked in a field, even if that means taking the risk of getting hit by lightning. That's the spirit.

Planet Waves
Scorpio (Oct. 23- Nov. 22)
All of the interesting astrology this weekend involves your sign and your planets, Mars and Pluto. Some of it is so enormous it's spinning the world on its finger. Some of it is so personal that you feel like you're in a burning building, or more accurately, like there's a fire burning in your belly. Like most civilized people, you wonder if civilization would not come crashing down if you acted on your deepest needs and urges. The question is, how intellectual do you want to make this conversation? You can do your usual thing of analyzing till the passion ceases to exist (or at least until it's safely contained); or you can take a ride on the Scorpio New Moon and be exactly the person that you are.

Planet Waves
Pisces (Feb. 19- March 20)
In your personal mythology of relationship there is the partner you want, and the partner you want to be. Both are undergoing a revolution. It's possible that someone currently active in your life is going along with this wave of progress, and it's possible you're figuring out that you need to move on. Either way, there remains the fact that your notion of what a relationship is and what it is for are evolving rapidly. This is so fundamental to your identity and sense of belonging on the planet that I suggest you honor it with every cell in your being. The trajectory of your life does not follow any fairy tale you were read as a child, or the disaster that your parents' life may have been.

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