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New York, Friday, Feb. 4, 2011

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The Astrology of Revolution

Dear Friend of Planet Waves,

We're in a tense global moment, with unknown changes immanent. In today's issue of Planet Waves, Eric gives a succinct roundup of Egypt's volatile standoff between its people and its dictator within the context of the history of the country itself, the Suez Canal and astrological cycles of revolution. Just as the current street violence has far-reaching roots, so too does the astrology -- as well as effects yet to be known.

Eric writes, "We've known for a long time that big changes are brewing in the world. Numerous ongoing transits that would have massive and sweeping effects in any event are now concentrated around the cardinal points (early Aries, Cancer, Libra and Capricorn, also known as the Aries Point), which is magnifying the effect." The Aries Point also pops up in the progressed chart for the Suez Canal. Progressions are not a technique Eric generally uses in issues of Planet Waves, but this issue includes a stunning example of what a progressed chart can say.

He continues, "As astro-historian Richard Tarnas  has noted, the conjunction, square and opposition aspects of Uranus and Pluto have a wide orb of influence, and then events intensify and come into focus as the aspect reaches its exact contact. Events then continue to develop long after the aspect has begun to separate (which won't begin to happen until 2015)."

Big changes are just getting started. Revolution is not only in the air in the Middle East, it's written in the skies for all of us -- and each of us is feeling it in one way or another, as the weekly horoscopes indicate. For Eric's audio take on Egypt's situation in the context of Wednesday's Aquarius New Moon (a pivotal event for everyone), please click here.

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Thank you for checking in with Planet Waves -- things are just starting to get interesting.

Yours & truly,
Amanda Painter

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