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Kingston, NY, Friday, Feb. 12, 2010

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Ripple: Chiron, Neptune and the Aquarius New Moon

Dear Planet Waves Reader:

We are now in the deeps of the Chiron-Neptune conjunction, about to come spiraling out the other side. I trust that by now you're at least familiar with this event, if only from noticing how weird things are. The thing is, we're distracted by the fantasy world that surrounds all the strangeness: the Neptune overdrive. Is there any dimension of this aspect that doesn't involve a 3G connection? Can you sell any product, from chewing gum to a car, without promising access to a different dimension?

There's something distinctly nonphysical about Neptune in Aquarius. I am stopping short of saying spiritual -- it could go there but doesn't always. It's the morph of psychic and electronic that has become so enmeshed with our lives. Even if we've never used a WiFi connection, we're surrounded by them, and they affect us. In theory this aspect should also be arriving with plenty of awareness-raising experiences, on a fairly wide-scale level. Maybe the awareness is happening and we're just not aware of it. Neptune is involved after all, and those kinds of mental loops are possible. However after a while this amounts to texting while driving.

Neptune in Aquarius describes our plasma cloud, pocket-video wonderland of contradiction. It's a world in which something might be true, or it might not, and the difference is thought of as entertainment, mild frustration, or as playing a video game: that is, unless some reality sets in and one becomes the news.

Yet at the same time, there's something in this aspect about coming out of denial, becoming aware of our environment and in particular our mental environment. We live surrounded by all this stuff and all these images and we pretend it has no actual influence on our consciousness or social relationships. Chiron is pointing to the truth, though in the style of this energy it may be inconvenient or uncomfortable.

Think of Chiron as focusing light through the misty fog that has shrouded our world in delusion, illusion and denial since right around the faux impeachment of Bill Clinton. Not that the fog started there, but we reached that moment when all our own headlights were showing us was their own reflection. Then years later Chiron arrives with all of his, um, magic -- like the alarm clock on my cell phone that vibrates at 7:30 every morning, even after I turn the feature off. Yet for those waiting for 'everyone to wake up', remember that the planets impel, they don't compel, and when they do anything close to compel, it's usually through a crisis and not the rapture.

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Planet Waves

Planet Waves
Weekly Horoscope for Friday, February 12, 2010, #804 - BY ERIC FRANCIS
Planet Waves en Italiano

Gemini (May 20- June 21)
You seem to be in one of those environments where everything is in harmony -- except for one thing. You have a decision to make, with the primary choices being: decide the factor is the one thing you can't tolerate; or decide that no matter what this one other person or factor may say or do, you're determined to create this situation as you want it to be. Here's a clue I can offer: Whoever or whatever is resisting is probably not directing this personally at you. He or she has other problems, and you're getting some of the overflow. If you assume it's personal, you'll take it personally and handle things one way; if you assume that people have their issues and are entitled to them, you will handle things rather differently. It's up to you.

Libra (Sep. 22 - Oct. 23)
Sex can be complicated, but all dogs need jobs. The job I suggest you give sex is the overall improvement of your wellbeing. Truth is, erotic experience can be thought of in many ways as money, food or thought itself. It's 100% open to interpretation and choice. Clearly, you're being driven by your erotic impulses at the moment, and they may seem daunting in several ways: one for being so impersonal. Another for how many people or scenarios they may involve. Yet you are a person, so by definition whatever you feel or need is personal. Ultimately, what you seek is contact, and what you need is contact, and what will improve your life is: connecting in a way that, by your own choice, you focus on emotional grounding and nourishing communication -- as kinky as you want.

Aquarius (Jan. 20- Feb. 19)
It would be difficult to overstate what a visionary moment this is for you, but I'm going to understate my interpretation so you're more likely to take it on board. We know how long it takes for a human to awaken to his or her vitality, present consciousness or simple truth. Astrologers, therapists, spiritual teachers and hospice workers see people waking up in late years or last moments of their lives, grateful for having done so. You're getting to wake up long before 'the end', but the shift you're moving through is indeed an ending. I suggest you not be so eager for a new beginning. Nature really does abhor a vacuum, so you don't have to be concerned: for now I suggest you let the past drain out of your system, and focus on holding yourself open in ways you actually believed were impossible.

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