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New York, Saturday, April 9, 2011

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Neptune entered Pisces on April 4 for the first time in well over 150 years. There it joins Chiron in a call for us to consider healing our emotional bodies, our creativity and our relationship to the world’s water. You could call Neptune in Pisces a sea change within ourselves.

I have more to say about that, but first I want to remind you that your subscription to Planet Waves is scheduled for renewal this month. If you've already renewed, thank you. This letter will offer you some options, including one for early renewal that will set you up with 14 months for the price of 12 months. That will keep you going until mid-2012. (You won’t see this option in other emails or on the website.)

As you're seeing if you tune into the news for even five minutes, the intersection of personal and political is hot right now, not least of all because we have an incredible confluence of planets in early Aries. The famed Aries Point has been lit up lately, with Uranus, Black Moon Lilith and Mars currently keeping that first degree of the zodiac sparked up with news that affects millions of people yet which also has a personal feeling.

At the same time there are many factors in Pisces, including (at the moment) Venus. That is providing an internal sensation of potential, of concern, of emotional resonance. The balance of Aries and Pisces is the perfect illustration of outer action and inner awareness. It's a moment to take the global situation more personally. And while we may not be able to affect that situation directly, we can surely strive for integrity and awareness within ourselves.

My intention in creating Planet Waves is to offer a meeting point between the inner and the outer. As you know, I don't do predictive astrology. I survey the world and look for what it says about us, and about where we might fit in. I look at the astrology and observe clues about how we can grow in the midst of so many changes. I consciously offer heartfelt support and encouragement for your choice to be real, and to live the life that you want -- the life that is in alignment with your own values.

This is an amazing time to be an astrologer, and I am always grateful to be one. It's a job that allows me to learn every step of the way. And I do astrology as a writer, so that I can share the information I collect with people who will benefit from it.

At Planet Waves, we see and work with all of our readers, clients and contributors as an extended family. I want to thank you for your interest, involvement and support. Your participation provides us with vitality, with feedback and with the expression of our purpose. We love what we do. We're excited to be alive at this time in history, participating in the great awakening.

A vision I put out more than 10 years ago is manifesting not only as an exciting, soulful astrology newsletter, but also as a community of conscience, populated by those whose lives are devoted to growth and awareness.

Our small, devoted staff, nearly all of us working from home, creates Planet Waves for you every day. You are our sponsor, co-creator and beneficiary. We do our best to provide every penny of value, and far more if we can. Thank you for stepping up to this experience; many people benefit as a result.

Thanks for being on the Planet Waves journey, and it's an honor to be part of your world as well.

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