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Kingston, NY, Tuesday, June 23, 2009

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Planet Waves Radio: Is 2012 Already Here?

Dear Friend and Reader:

What do recent (and ongoing) events in Iran say about the thing we're calling 2012? What aspects are involved in radical steps forward in social progress? How do the changes that individuals are going through relate to the changes that a whole society goes through? Astrology is one of the few places we can look to actually find such an intersection.

In tonight's edition of Planet Waves Radio, we will check in with the Saturn-Uranus opposition, the Uranus-Pluto square and the Saturn-Pluto square -- all of which add up to 2012, and all of which add up to revolution. Far from being in the future, we're in this energy dynamic right now.

What do you do if you feel it? What do you do if you don't? Join me for a real conversation about this astrology tonight at 10 pm ET, Tues., June 23 on Planet Waves Radio.

Eric Francis

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