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Kingston, NY, Tuesday, July 7, 2009

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Let's talk about the eclipse...

Dear Friend and Reader:

Eric Francis
This morning was the Capricorn Full Moon, which was also a penumbral lunar eclipse. This is the first of three eclipses this summer and the second of four unusual solar/lunar vents. The first was the Cancer New Moon on the Aries Point two weeks ago and the next is a total eclipse of the Sun in the last degree of Cancer -- two Cancer New Moons in a row.

I've been hearing about many strange, interesting manifestations of this astrology. Let's talk about them tonight on Planet Waves Radio. This is at 10 pm ET on our channel at Blog Talk Radio.

For those of you who missed the special edition horoscope sent out last night, here is the link.

NOTE TO POTENTIAL CALLERS: Generally, only the calls that come in during the first 20 minutes or so actually get on the air. If you want to get on the air, please call early.Remember, we are speaking before a live audience. This is different than a one-on-one conversation because hundreds of people are listening. Please be prepared with at least one idea, question or experience to talk about when I get to your call. Please be clear and direct, and come on strong. Because I do counseling, it's difficult for me to quickly move on from a slow-paced or unfocused call as is done in most talk radio environments. But due to the high number of calls and the need to engage the audience, we need to move the program along at a steady pace.

Please tune in tonight at 10 pm ET to Planet Waves Radio. And yes -- all programs are archived and available on demand from our website on Blog Talk Radio.

Catch you later...

Yours & truly,
Eric Francis

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