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Kingston, NY, Tuesday, July 20, 2010

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Dear Fellow Traveler,
I know there are myriad reasons why a reader of Planet Waves Astrology News may choose to stop subscribing for a time. We all go through phases of getting busy, going broke, feeling overwhelmed, disenchanted or confused, trying a new source of guidance or deciding our own intuition is all we need. It may be surprising that these are often the times when Astrology News can be the most helpful, though coming to that conclusion can be its own special journey.

Wherever you are along your path through personal challenges, you may find Mercury's upcoming station retrograde on August 21 to be a useful time of review and contemplation, despite the reputation this transit has for wrecking havoc. You're also likely no stranger to the idea that a subscription to Astrology News can be of valuable assistance in finding your center in the midst of such chaos. Sometimes leaving and returning is just part of the larger trip, as this recent letter from a reader illustrates. Did you see some of yourself in Sharon's letter? Do you miss Eric's grounded, encouraging insights in your inbox each week? Given the recent tension from the cardinal T-square and the upcoming Mercury retrograde, we'd like to welcome you back to this "warm spot" on the internet. Here are a couple of our most inviting offers to consider:

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Thanks for supporting Planet Waves. We're glad to have you with us.

Yours & truly,

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