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Kingston, NY, Sunday, Feb. 22, 2009

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Values-Based Spending: The Right Idea

Dear Friend of Planet Waves:

Tuesday's issue of Planet Waves -- the March monthly horoscope, long edition -- will be the last publication you receive on this list. This letter is designed to give you incentive to click this link and convert your comp subscription to a sliding scale paid subscription. I am asking that you put your money where your values are. This is the direction our economy is going, and where it has needed to go for a long time. Values-based spending means you buy only what you truly want, need or authentically love. That would make the world a lot better place.

Eric Francis in his office, the Book of Blue Studio.
We began the Comp List at the same time we started our subscription service, in late 2002. After four years of offering a free website, I felt strongly that we should provide access to readers who could not afford to subscribe. This seemed progressive at the time. My decision was based in part on observing the highly functional gift economy at Burning Man the prior year. The thing about Burning Man is that everyone buys a ticket, which pays for the rental of the land, sanitation services and other basic rudiments of society. Then a gift economy is possible -- and that is based on mutual exchange; on a community of people helping one another.

Planet Waves has evolved in many ways since then, mostly because we started to work with subscription revenue. We built up an excellent daily area open to the public on our weblog, and numerous other projects, from an environmental site to an options to hysterectomy resources area. The subscriber mailing you receive each Tuesday and Friday has become a full-on specialized information service, which is designed to inform and empower you. I really, actually and truly care that you get to do the work you love; have the relationships you want; live in a place where you are happy, and that's how I use the astrology you read. With each edition, I give you my best writing to date; in other words, I work to do a little better every week, a sentiment I share with my talented creative team. Planet Waves is not designed as entertainment. It is an organic, handmade product, designed to nourish, created by people who do the work with our hands and our hearts.

For a few weeks, we've been making it exceedingly easy for you to stay involved, offering sliding scale subscriptions that last one year. As of today, you can sign up for as little as 19 cents a week -- $10 for the year. Yes, there are people who cannot afford that, but most of them don't have computers and Internet access.

If you are ordering by credit card today, please consider doing something other than the minimum. Do this honor of the fact that we never do the minimum; that is simply not in our values.

Tomorrow that will go up to a minimum of $20 for a year, and after the last Comp List edition comes out Tuesday, we will raise the minimum again. When you consider that each edition you click on cost us $1,000 to create, it's easy to see why we need everyone doing their part. Our full-fare subscribers, my astrology clients, the many people who have made extra donations, birthday gifts from my dad, and the numerous people around the world, working for modest wages or as volunteers, all make Planet Waves possible. Now you can help make Planet Waves possible, too.

For those who do not do Internet transactions, you may subscribe by mail, sending your payment and ordering information (name, email address, phone number) to Chelsea at Planet Waves at this address. You may also order by phone at (877) 453-8265. If she doesn't pick up, leave a message and she will get back to you.

If we have a trade with you, or if during the past year you have contributed to Planet Waves in any capacity such as an artist, writer, researcher, Book of Blue model, designer or technical assistant, please use this link and we will send you a special signup form so that you can receive a staff comp. Here is the signup for that. We will review the email addresses as they come in and contact you if we have a question.

We know you want to help, and many of you forward our editions to your friends. If you can help us build traffic or subscriptions in a structured, committed way, please drop a note to info@planetwaves.net with your proposal. We also offer staff comps to people who link Planet Waves from their webpage. This is also an option. If you've written to us about this recently and have not heard back, please write again.

Thank you for your commitment and continued involvement as we take this next step toward being a healthy, sustainable business, offering our one of a kind service.

Yours & truly,
Eric Francis

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