Eric Francis: Kid Expert

Eric, left, with baby brother, circa 1970. Photo by dad.

Eric Francis is a kid expert.

He's offering his personal experience, knowledge and views as an astrological consulant to parents. It makes sense to know the birth charts of your children. Kids are mysterious. They don't always say what's on their mind and often they don't have the words. And they live in the complicated worlds of their parents, who often seem to tower over them like beings from another planet.

Astrology can help you see and feel the world as your children experience it. And it can help prevent problems decades early. The vast majority of adult clients are still dealing with what their parents did to them, didn't do for them or didn't know they needed, even with the best intentions. Astrology is very good at helping people later in life, but it's exceptionally good at helping identify needs, sensitivities and unique characteristics of young people that parents need to know about.

It's great with school-related discussions. For example, if your child is having difficulty in school, is it about an inner emotional state, or a problem with teachers or perhaps with institutions in general? Understanding the problem can help create the solution, and astrology can help.

Skeptical of Adults
from the Beginning.

Eric Francis noticed early that adults don't know everything. That's why tools like astrology can help them learn about their kids, and about themselves. To find out more, call his office at (877) 453-8265 or email

Comparing the astrological charts of parents and children can reveal important relatinship dynamics that help smooth the way to a more harmonious life for everyone, and describe for parents how their child experiences them. Readings can also help with health questions, spiritual and psychological issues and differences between parents in child-rearing technique.

Eric has also done numerous readings involving adoption and is very familiar with the concerns of both adopted children and their parents.

The chart is such an awesome gift it's amazing any parent could think of going without it. For additional information, call his office at (877) 453-8265 during Pacific business hours, or email here. We'll get right back to you.

The fee for this work is $175 for one taped 75-minute session, includes charts of up to two parents (or caregivers) and one child. $45 per additional child or caregiver with extra time included. (Includes a full chart work-up using Chiron & other Centaur planets, plus Varuna and Quaoar, about which you may have read.) New clients are welcome.

This service is available as a gift certificate.

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