Marbella, Spain, 10 September 2004
International Edition

The Lion Tamer & the Virgin

We are approaching one of the most impressive New Moons in a while, a cluster of the Sun, Moon and four planets within a little slice of Virgo. This is the Virgin soaked in pure stardust, bringing a highly focussed point of resolution, clarification, and beginning.

Mercury is at home in his/her/its sign as well, and a small mob of asteroids is milling about. The most precise alignment is Ceres, Sun, Moon and Mars within one degree at the moment of the lunation. If you like exciting charts, this is top-shelf. There is something here about the empowerment of mothers with warrior-like strength, and of taking diet, nutrition and nourishment seriously enough to do something about them. Work, one of the primary domains of Virgo as expressed on Earth, can become something you make real for you instead of practice as an obligation.

In the collection of degree images called the Sabian Symbols, the 23rd degree of Virgo (where the New Moon occurs) presents the scene of a lion tamer displaying his dangerous skill. That's a good thing, because this chart has energy to spare, and anyone under its influence will benefit from applied discipline in the area of their life where the New Moon occurs. Virgo will help with that discipline of course. If there was ever a week to set intentions, this is the one -- between the 14th and the 22nd of September, as the Moon begins waxing and the Sun works its way through late Virgo and into Libra for Equinox.

The Moon is actually the first critter to make its way into Libra, followed by the Sun, then Jupiter, Mars, Mercury and Ceres. Venus finally shows up in one of her home signs with the Taurus lunar eclipse on the 28th of October, a month or so later than the rest, but quite decisively.

A lion tamer is a great image, at least as far as people are concerned. Lions are symbolic of the vital force (see the Strength or Lust card in any Tarot deck for an illustration). This vital force often needs to be guided, particularly in the human realm where all we have are endless choices and face many obstacles. We're always the best people to guide that force, though sometimes we need assistance, and Virgo is the sign of those who help. This whole New Moon happens in very strong, integrated aspects to both Saturn and Chiron (now in opposition across Cancer-Capricorn), so help, be it from peers, teachers, healers or those in authority, is available.

A Cosmic Conspiracy

The only thing not milked about 9/11 is the chart, and I have tried, but it still keeps percolating with surprising information I don't see on CNN.

I've done a few readings of the Sept. 11 chart in the past, though this seemed an appropriate moment to take a new look, as we are now at the third solar return of the most exploited event in recent galactic history. This particular horoscope is going to be with us for a long time. It's easy enough for a beginner to understand, but it also has interesting details that emerge over time. I don't usually work with this particular chart using asteroids besides the first four, though I do keep the others around on separate charts. Basically, I don't want to clutter the elegant presentation of a simple message that this chart offers.

There are actually two charts for the Sept. 11 attacks. The first and most obvious one is 8:46 a.m. on Sept. 11, 2001 in Manhattan, the moment of impact of Flight 11 into the World Trade Center. This is the infamous chart with Mercury exactly in the ascendant. Here we have a glimpse of the power of Mercury in the modern world, including in his capacity as a communicator, something that takes to the air, and something that takes charge entirely. The fact of Mercury rising is as though the chart begins by saying, "I have a message for you, so listen carefully."

Just to make sure we get it, the Sabian symbol for the ascendant is "Two Dutch children talking" -- or the open exchange of ideas.

In this chart, Mercury is in Libra. Saturn, a planet that often represents the government, is exactly (very exactly, and applying) trine Mercury, in Gemini. But the real clue of this chart is that Mercury and Saturn are in what's called mutual reception -- that is, supporting one another, and working in full cooperation -- because each works so well in the other's sign (Mercury rules Gemini and Saturn is exalted in Libra). Some methods of reading mutual receptions say that when this rule is applied, the planets can switch places and in a sense become one another! At the worst, they are talking, cooperating, and seem to fulfil the slightly cynical but no less illustrative explanation for a trine given by the eminent Martha Lang Wescott: "If you lie, I'll swear to it."

This is the chart that says the government, represented by Saturn, and the secret enemy, represented by Mercury, were functioning as one entity. I have covered this in a few articles, but mainly this one:

Three years later, we now have ample evidence of ignored warnings, convenient intelligence failures, lies told to justify things, long delays scrambling fighter aircraft on the 11th, a highly improbable attack on the Pentagon 59 minutes after New York City was first hit, and a bit of massive collusion between the Saudis and the Bush family, documented by many people (most familiar being Michael Moore).

Unless this chart is the brilliant work of Arab astrologers trying to fool us into blaming the wrong people, or unless astrology is completely meaningless, what this chart reveals is pretty gosh darned interesting.

What's also going on is that Saturn and Pluto are in the first stage of their opposition aspect, which occurs about once every 35 years and is famous for picking up the world and hucking it a few inches. The story of Saturn-Pluto oppositions throughout history is not pretty; search Rick Levine's work on the issue. And as Lynn Bell and others have pointed out, the opposition represents something coming to fruition which has its roots at the time of the conjunction, early in the Reagan era. Ronnie Reagan's CIA was the one that employed both Osama bin Laden and Saddam Hussein. And that decision certainly came to fruition with the opposition in 2001 and 2002.

The Sept. 11 chart is what you would call a "world horoscope." It is a defining moment in the history of the world, and there are not many of these that come along. That it was such was obvious from the start -- both from feeling the event, and looking at the figure. And as such there are several very disturbing things about it. The chart and a glyph key are posted at the link above so you can follow along.

Notice that Cancer is on the cusp of the 10th house, the house that tells us about the official government and high command. That means the Moon rules the 10th and is the representative of the president and the executive branch, and by extension, the military. We find the Moon void-of-course, dangling at the very end of Gemini, as if the captain was asleep at the wheel, mumbling in his dreams. Void Moon is a very difficult situation where so much is at stake and where so much responsibility is vested; it is floating around like an un-tethered hot air balloon. Also, a void Gemini Moon has the feeling of a lot of hot air, lots of words and nothing to say. This is the chart's picture of our leader and in many ways our concept of leadership.

The Moon occupies the 9th house -- sleeping and dreaming of religion. The 9th house (a cousin of Sagittarius) is a house that deals with belief systems, ideologies, international stuff, broadcasting, knowledge, wisdom, and consciousness, plus a variety of occult themes. Usually it is considered the house of religious issues. In the past few years it has come out just how consumed the current administrators of the US government are with fundamentalist religion, how involved they are with leaders of the movement, and the extent to which they are using it as a political tool. There is currently something of an obsession with the Rapture amongst those in high command.

Saturn is a good symbol or significator for the government in just about anybody's astrology. And we find Saturn, as well, sitting in the 9th house.

It happens that Capricorn, a sign which Saturn rules, is on the cusp of the 4th house, down at the root of the chart. Saturn thus rules the 4th house, that of homeland, security, and fathers.* Being the opposite of the 10th, the 4th is also a good image of alternate or shadow government, which turns up in disguise as the real thing -- Saturn! And where do most of those government fathers go on Sept. 11 but into their caves and bunkers (down in Capricorn). Think of Dick Cheney eating KFC in a high-tech cave somewhere in Virginia while George fluttered about in Air Force One chasing the Gemini Moon, deciding what the heck to do.

Saturn in the 9th house emphasizes the religion/government issue, or illustrates the extent to which it is so. This is the same Saturn that is facing Pluto in Sagittarius (death? The Rapture? The notion of Armageddon?). And this is the same exact Saturn that is in mutual reception with, i.e., cooperating with and trading places with, the (religiously obsessed, jihad-waging) secret enemy Mercury -- so we can also put Mercury in the 9th house as well.

Then, as if there were not enough going on in that stuffed 9th house, Jupiter is there too. And also the Moon's north node, which adds the flavor of compulsion and the not-so-mild scent of fate. The 9th is a very crowded house in the Sept. 11 chart. There are more planets in that house than congregants in a big city church on Easter Sunday. And we are now in the middle of a huge religious war as a result of those attacks.

Fortunately, Jupiter in Cancer seems to be adding an element of authentic spirituality and protection rather than just merely religious obsession. Madalyn Aslan recently pointed out to me that Jupiter in Cancer so close to the top of the chart was like an angel protecting New Yorkers that day. Of the 50,000 people that worked in the Trade Center, relatively few lost their lives. Not good news, but it could have been a hell of a lot worse.

The Second Chart: June 21, 2001

There is another Sept. 11 chart, a deeper chart, which is a total eclipse of the Sun on June 21, 2001. This was the total solar eclipse just before the Sept. 11 attacks. One thing about eclipse charts is that they last a while. By default, they are world horoscopes, though not always so potent or meaningful as this one. This particular eclipse occurred on the Summer Solstice -- just four hours into summer on the longest day of the year (up here in the northern hemisphere). This is an extremely powerful chart for that reason: an event combining the seasonal cycle, the lunar cycle and the eclipse cycle in one exact moment. And it was tight and precise; the total eclipse is at 10 arc minutes of Cancer, just 1/6th of a degree into that sign. The Sun reached its peak energy, and was then eclipsed, a rather unfortunate symbol when applied to something like the United States empire, when in the noontide of its dominion of Earth.

It's the chart that should have warned us that something big was coming, but as Martha Wescott pointed out, the entire astrology community missed it, which is interesting given that the first pass of the Saturn-Pluto opposition was just a few weeks away (on Aug. 5). What we get at that point, however, was the infamous Presidential Daily Brief, which Bush received in Texas on Aug. 6, in which the CIA said that bin Laden was "determined" to attack targets in the US. That was one of many ignored warnings.

We do, however, have the chart to work with, and I've been watching it long enough to see that it's dependable. For example, there was a New Moon on the Aries Equinox earlier this year, recalling the New Moon on the first day of Summer 2001, and occurring at an exact square aspect to the eclipse degree. This was a major breaking point in the Sept. 11 issue (related to Iraq, of course because Sept. 11 was the main excuse to go to war in Iraq). That was followed immediately by the first photos of caskets of dead soldiers being published, then by the Abu Ghraib prison scandal. Big stuff.

To give another scandal, when Saturn went over the eclipse degree in the summer of 2003, things began to go extremely poorly for the coalition, and have not gotten better.

Follow how this works. The first degrees of the four signs that begin seasons -- the cardinal signs Aries, Cancer, Libra and Capricorn -- all work very closely together. It is as if they are the same point, or part of the same computer network. The feeling is that they mirror one another or more like holographically copy one another. The source of all this power seems to be the first degree of Aries or Sidereal Vernal Point, from which the entire Western zodiac is reckoned against the stars. The Vernal Point can signify or show up for events which bring in a lot of people (i.e., the public), which become very familiar, or which resound through time.

Current Transits

So, now, here's what's up at the moment. These charts are both about to come under new transits. Planets are now collecting in Virgo for a big-ass New Moon conjunct Mars. Mercury, Sun, Moon, Ceres and Jupiter are all in Virgo. Venus will soon get into this neighborhood. So, therefore, over the next month or so, five major planets will leave Virgo and cross the first degree of Libra, squaring the degree of the pre-Sept. 11 total solar eclipse. You with me?

Now, the more obvious Sept. 11 chart -- the one actually from the 11th -- happens to have Libra rising. That means Virgo takes up a lot of the 12th house (secrets, hidden matters), where there are currently a many planets. So, one by one, these planets will move from the Virgo, in the 12th house of that chart and emerge, then square the June 21, 2001 eclipse degree, then move across the Sept. 11 ascendant one at a time in rapid succession.

Fortunately, one of these is Jupiter, which enters Libra on Sept. 25th. However, Jupiter can both bring justice (particularly in Libra) -- and also make things a lot bigger. It can also upset the delicate balance of all the lies that support the Sept. 11 myth. But each of those planets in turn, as they square the eclipse degree and cross the Sept. 11 ascendant, are likely to bring wild news in what already promises to be a wild few months.

Now, I realize this is not a very adventurous prediction, like predicting rain when you hear thunder. But we shall see what we shall see, and at the moment there is a lot that we don't or cannot see.

Many of these transits happen in time for the Nov. 2 election, a chart which is strongly suggestive of election fraud (Sun, ruler of the ascendant, tightly square to Neptune in Aquarius, for a little example). Also, Hopi is rising, suggesting there may be an ambush; let's hope it's the friendly kind of ambush and not the mean kind. And there are new eclipses in the neighborhood, leading into the elections with great momentum. These occur on Oct. 14 and Oct. 28.

Last and perhaps most bizarre, there is one week that promises to resound in history: Nov. 9-14, 2004, in the wake of the election. Besides saying there's a cluster of occultations of planets by the Moon, I will get to the details in a later edition and as the imagery comes to me. But mark your calendar and get ready to jump double Dutch.

In the early parts of the performance it may look like the most shocking information is coming out while at the same time the usual suspects do their usual impressive Houdini act. Which will work beautifully and keep exactly half the population extremely confused until somebody turns the lights on.


*Just to keep things confusing, remember that a planet can rule one house and be located in another. For example, let's say you have Leo rising but were born in the afternoon. The Sun would rule your rising sign and be located in the 9th house, in some other sign such as Pisces. Thus it can rule one sign and be located in another. It potentially works this way with any house. Sometimes, however, a planet rules the house it's located in, such as if you have Leo rising and the Sun is in Leo in the 1st house. These rules work for event charts or for natal charts.

Unrelated: Advance Background Reading

Virgo Birthdays: New Moon Zone

With such a potent event as the Virgo New Moon occurring around your solar return, it makes some sense to look at birthdays on one side of the event separately from those on the other. So, listen up, Virgos: This birthday report will look at solar returns through the New Moon on Sept. 14, and the last installment, next week, will cover those from the 15th through the 22nd. I have, however, been recommending that all the birthday report editions during a given solar transit through a sign be at least considered as one story. This provides some context and a sense of flow.

For those with birthdays on the 15th and beyond, what I have to say today may count for more as the past. If your birthday is on the 13th through 15th, or if you have 21-24 Virgo rising, take it all in, put your imagination to work, and remember that astrology is no substitute for life.

The theme of closure is of overriding importance at this point. Closure means closing the book on the past, to the extent this is possible in the world. More often people pretend to resolve the past and pretend to move on, but there is no kidding around right now: you must decide what is over, observe what you need to be over, and then be willing to do the work. The precision of the Sept. 14 New Moon suggests that your actions, choices and decisions will have an enormous impact: positive, if you handle them like the tool they are; and to the extent you fail to handle their intensity consciously, with difficulty.

Part of the work is mental or emotional process on your part, probably both. And part will come in relationship to other people, as you find the strength to say what you need to say and come to an agreement with them about the continued terms of your relating.

If that is not possible, it is time to find the strength to deal with the world on your own terms, and to persuade or compel the people in it to deal with you. Yet this will not work if your own affairs of the soul are not in order, or if you cannot be direct. However, in the double-helix-like thread of interrelating, we often must work out our inner dynamics at the same time as we work out those that involve the people around us, and who seem to have so much power within our lives.

I would like to focus in on one aspect of this New Moon, which is its relationship to the Chiron-Nessus conjunction in Capricorn. Let's take the conjunction first. It takes place in Capricorn, your 5th solar house. This is a difficult, even odd combination. The 5th not only tells us certain key aspects of childhood, it tells us how we relate to the world in that often-necessary childlike way, with a sense of freedom, experimentation, daring and joy. Here, Virgo gets short changed, as prominent Capricorn on anyone's 5th house often indicates the lack of a childhood and an extremely cautious way of being. This sounds like good astrological jargon but I've seen it work too many times to pass it by.

This also happens to be one of the prevailing conditions of our time in history, and it has its roots into the psychological and at times physical abuse that most children endure. If not abuse, then neglect, often as a result of parents whose addictions, depression or other psychological hangups did not leave them any freedom to participate actively in the lives of their children.

I might be less inclined to say this was all subject for discussion in your life, except for the fact that the Chiron-Nessus conjunction is happening in Capricorn in your solar 5th house. This particular conjunction has received no published mention that I've seen except on these pages, and only one other astrologer has mentioned it to me, Melanie Reinhart, a specialist in these matters. My sense is that this conjunction, which reaches its first point of perfection in the Spring, is one of the defining aspects of our era of history, combining the themes of two of the best delineated centaurs.

Nessus works much like a super-Chiron focussed specifically on the dynamics of abuse. In all cases this abuse is psychological and in most it is not properly identified as what it is; rather, we experience it as "the way things are" and, more to the point, as the way WE are. But we are how we are because of the way we were treated when we were growing up. And this I can tell you from working with many people: most have no clue how horrendously they were, and are, treated by their supposed loved ones. Most people have no idea the extent to which they are subjugated, that is, made subjects, as children. This, in turn, defines a power relationship in which they get the short end of the stick at just about every juncture. To make matters worse, once one has been treated in this way over a long period of time, it can become nearly impossible to see and feel kindness for what it is.

This, in turn, can have an effect of stripping certain people of their ability to truly feel compassion for others, because that compassion has so rarely been bestowed on them. It is, I think, important that you tune into this whole dimension and offer some token of awareness to those who are aware of your process.

My sense is that it's this Capricorn angle of your chart that you must approach consciously this year, and that you will have every opportunity to meet with the greatest ease and clarity possible. The long-term presence of centaur planets there has raised many issues to the fore, and I have little doubt that this has been easy or fun. The 5th has been described as the house of hidden karma (by Isabel Hickey). But this 'hidden' aspect of things has become less of a factor than exposure. It's not easy, however, when 'stuff' comes up and you have no idea what you're actually experiencing. Most of the hidden material is simply the result of how most people suppress their childhoods almost entirely. While this is for good reason, it is rarely helpful.

Much of the damage that is suffered comes in the form of a shattered or lost identity, or the sense that one does not really exist. Given this, it can be difficult to even define oneself sufficiently to the point of seeking help. While these planets in Capricorn have been challenging, they have no doubt offered you something unusual, and that something that has demonstrated that you do indeed exist. For a time, you may define that existence as getting things out of the way, or as a struggle. For a time, you may experience it as too much life to bear, but you are strong, you are self-reliant and you can indeed bear it. The past is proof of that. Yet this sense of bearing out your life will not last much longer, far as I can see. By the time these planets move into Aquarius early next year, and form their first exact conjunction there in mid-spring, you are likely to have an entirely different perspective on your healing process.

The gift of this New Moon is that it aligns exactly with Chiron-Nessus, from Virgo to Capricorn. Saturn, which can be an awesome help in situations requiring clarity and maturity, is also in the picture, supporting the Virgo New Moon from Cancer. There are many more supportive aspects, and a much more productive time on the horizon as far as your finances are concerned, provided you do the work now, hold your focus, and remember your purpose at this time in your life.

One's own psychological and emotional well-being are nothing to take for granted. And one is pursued to the neglect of the other only at great expense. Take care of your heart; take care of your soul. You need both.

Lest this all sound too dreary, consider that the only way to really get into your 5th house is to restore a sense of play to your life. With all this Capricorn in that house, the first thing you might encounter is guilt, but you can get over that, and do the "5th house work" and practice letting go, playing, making art and having some of that fun you never got to have. ++

Planet Waves by Eric Francis

For Sept. 10, 2004

Aries (March 20-April 19)
There is more to life than work, but that is not true every day. Right now there is little more important than work, assuming you are taking care of your health --which in any case must get priority ranking. There need be no conflict between the two; balance is often the foundation of great achievements and I assure you that such are possible now. The danger you face is burnout, or driving yourself mad with details and a kind of urgency for control. Relax. You are working with enormous power, so discretion and awareness must precede any action by a measurable interval.

Taurus (April 19-May 20)
This would be an easy and natural time to initiate a personal relationship, though the intensity driving this experience may be downright frightening to either you or your prospective partner. There is a contradiction in that you want something very specific and what you're being offered may be something entirely different but irresistible. If you are already in a committed partnership, this is a moment when you will see whether your partner can rise to the occasion of who you truly are -- and whether you have it in you to take the incomparable chance in life known as love.

Gemini (May 20-June 21)
You're approaching a profoundly emotional moment, one that recalls the intensity of childhood. Yet you are equally aware, decisive and are somehow ready to assume the regency of your own life. Whether you plan to do so or not, you will take the throne, crown and scepter from one of your parents -- the one who attempted to teach you not to feel, or rather to intellectualize your feelings. Remember that being in charge does not mean you are the most powerful force in the world; rather, it means you have a conscious relationship with all the other great forces and are able to negotiate with them.

Cancer (June 21-July 22)
A special word for writers in the Cancerian tribe: this is a brilliant, fierce and illuminated moment. If you have been working toward a breakthrough, this is very likely to be the time when that door opens or, truer to live, when the wall between you and your best ideas finally caves in. For all others, think of this as a moment of clarity, or even a time of revelation. Revelation is a time of direct contact with the divine light, when what is normally lurking in the recesses of awareness or waiting quietly on the edge of the universe plunges into your heart and your soul.

Leo (July 22-Aug 23)
Not every Leo will become a millionaire in the next three or four months, but some of you will. And what of it? Financial gain, when it finally happens, either is seen to be the game that it is, or degrades to an unwholesome obsession. Stick with the game, and remember that if you don't value yourself, you will receive none of the benefits or pleasures of all those who value so much. It is easy to become imprisoned in success. It is much harder to restore what priceless gems of the soul were taken from us when we were young, but if there was ever a time you could do it, it is now.

Virgo (Aug. 23-Sep. 22)
Next week's New Moon in your birth sign may bring one of the most encouraging moments of your recent life, and a time of long-awaited or long-avoided decision. Let it never be said that you did not know your own strength; you must feel your potential for awareness and freedom, if you feel anything at all. And that you do, because there is the possibility of enormous frustration, urgency or need that may be calling forth this strength. In order to use this energy in a healthy way, you must act on your own behalf. The planet at the center of the action is Mars, who says that action is the fruit of knowledge.

Libra (Sep. 22-Oct. 23)
You may feel on the verge of something enormous, without being able to give it a name or ID number. It may be rattling your dreams and shuddering your heart. Yet from the moment the Sun makes its ingress to your sign at the Equinox, you will have a much keener idea of what is happening, and you will be amazed. You can relax about needing to make a decision, though the pressure may be nearly unbearable, particularly if you also have a Libra Moon or rising. In truth, the decision has been made. The small wheel turns by the fire and rod, but the big wheel turns by the grace of God.

Scorpio (Oct. 23-Nov. 22)
. . . and every time that wheel goes round, you're bound to cover just a little more ground. Yet you are crossing vast distances now, and may finally be seeing the rewards of a long season of work, or years of work, or a lifetime. You are in a position to receive public recognition for your efforts -- but it may not be quite what you were expecting. Still, count your successes. They are significant. Take some time and thank the friends who brought you so far, the ones who taught you to fend for yourself and be yourself, and particularly those who helped you rise high above the petty ideas you had about the world.

Sagittarius (Nov. 22 - Dec. 22)
You need, I think, to keep one specific goal in mind, and work toward that objective with enormous focus and discipline. It's not so much a matter of effort exerted but of being consciously aware of your intentions and methods. In a sense, the less you do and more you think the better, but the solution should be fairly simple and at the same time marshal a lot of power. Problems that have been resistant to progress, particularly of a professional nature, now may be inclined not only to budge, but to create a process whereby many other problems can be solved. Use the methods that work as you learn what they are.

Capricorn (Dec. 22-Jan. 20)
Making decisions seems to be much harder than taking action. It appears that you are carefully weighing an ethical issue of some kind, and it's not an easy process, and it may even be agonizing. It's as if two entirely different things are true, and yet they cannot be true at the same time. But somewhere in you, you know. It may take time to embody that certainty, but once it happens, it happens, and you will then be in a position to make a move. Be resolute about this, don't expect any instant miracles, but don't look back. You can barely go wrong.

Aquarius (Jan. 20-Feb. 19)
You may sense enormous change coming in your life, particularly in your relationships. It's the kind of change where you might even feel pushed to the edge of a cliff and told to leap; or where you feel like you have to give up who you are so that you can become someone else. This is complicated because so much seems dependent on the will and intentions of others, and on the agreements you have with them. Be patient. Much that seems unbearably urgent and complicated now will seem laughably simple in two weeks time.

Pisces (Feb. 19-March 20)
The pace of change is accelerating, yet if you can afford the luxury of time, hold off on your judgments and make your decisions one at a time. Loved ones or close partners may have their own idea what is good for you, and they may be right. But the final decisions are yours to make, in your time. You can avoid a needless confrontation by working to reach the exact point where your interests intersect with those of the people around you, or perhaps one person in particular. But that is not always possible. And when pressed, you must be your own best ally, and the champion of your own cause.

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