A few messages through come loud and clear from the chart of the total lunar eclipse of Nov. 8, 2003 — the Harmonic Concordance.

By Eric Francis
Planet Waves Weekly

Illustration: Dream Space-Portal by Carlos Cedillo

In several recent columns you may have read about the Harmonic Concordance, a total lunar eclipse which happens the night of Nov. 8. To sum up: the eclipse is an exact alignment of the Sun and Moon at the Taurus Full Moon, which is part of a Star of David pattern, a six-pointed aspect technically called a grand sextile. Another way of saying this is that we'll experience two grand trines at the time of a lunar eclipse, one in the watery signs and another in the earthy signs.

What does this portend? Using astrology is one method of reading the future, but it's also a tool for envisioning or engineering the future. This envisioning process is especially important where eclipses are concerned, because they have such overwhelming power to change everything. Eclipse season comes twice a year, approximately every five-and-a-half months. They advance backwards through the horoscope. One year eclipses will fall in Gemini, and the next, they will appear in the prior sign, Taurus, as is the case here. Eclipses usually come in pairs; the corresponding solar eclipse to the Harmonic Concordance lunar eclipse will occur Nov. 23, with the Sun and Moon in Sagittarius.

In eclipse seasons there is an acceleration of energy and compression of events. This happens on top of what already feels like an out-of-control rate of change that we live with in our fast-paced culture where so little actually happens. Eclipses help us observe and restructure the patterns of our lives. Since most people don't track astrology, eclipses occur unconsciously while the events they represent just seem to happen to them. Astrology gives us a plotting tool to measure time, to read its quality and to design changes and creative expressions that are appropriate to the moment. It is a system of metaphors, but it's more than that, since the planets are actually there and the events between the planets actually happen to us, around us and apparently within us.

Being conscious of and creative with astrology helps us intervene in our own lives in a positive way. Here are some of the details of the Harmonic Concordance chart, with my comments. Mine is only one interpretation, and other astrologers you may talk to or whose writing you read will have others. I highly recommend you seek other points of view on this event. This link will take you to the Harmonic Concordance homepage, which features a dozen or so competent astrologers and a few of my earlier pieces if you follow links to the astrology portal. I would like to hear about your experiences this month. Please send them to me at

Moon, eclipsed in Taurus. One way to look at this is to say that a shadow is being cast over the customary role of women, which is supporting and taking care of the home, the children and the village, while men do most of the fighting and moneymaking. Women, more and more, are being pushed into the roles and emotional postures of men, and are defining that as "success." We definitely need a better definition of both woman and success. A lunar eclipse in Taurus also points to a crisis of accepting nourishment, the possibility of food shortages and a resources crisis. It is a wake-up call to reach for our real values, and to live them like it matters. We can wait until we absolutely have to do this, or we can get in the groove now. In other words, we don't need to wait for a crisis to seek out and find community, meet our neighbors and get with people who are willing to share resources mutually in order to improve the lives of everyone. Last, an eclipsed Moon in Taurus is a significant comment on the issue of self-respect, which is the real definition of self-esteem.

Jupiter in Virgo. This is about applying critical thinking to religious and academic dogma, a rare enough occurrence in the world. The extent to which so-called religion has taken over so-called reality is a frightening thought right now, whether we are speaking of the cult of consumer marketing or the End of Days crowd that currently occupies high office. Typically we accept what we're told by ministerial and professorial authority without asking any questions, and without even realizing we're doing it. Why are Jews, Africans, Queers, Muslims, women, children and the elderly still second-class citizens? Why do Catholics drink blood? Why is God nailed to a stick? Why do so many people who preach peace and love also froth at the mouth with excitement when speaking of bombing people? Why do so many people think Armageddon is approaching, why are they so excited about it? Virgo is about reasoning power, discernment and intelligence. Jupiter in this sign says question reality. It says we need spiritual values that address the practical concerns of real people. What we have today are religious values that encourage deception, greed and abuse. Let's get some new ones.

Chiron in Capricorn. This is an image of the raising of awareness of political and social justice issues. Since Chiron has been in Capricorn (starting in December 2001), we've witnessed a long series of exposés about everything from sex abuse in churches to Enron, Worldcom and many other corporate scandals. There is a scandal a day coming out of the White House. But it's water under the bridge. This has gone on so long, with so little in the way of results or measurable effects, that we may think there's no use paying attention. Chiron in Capricorn is compelling us to hold awareness of these issues, to bring the darkness to the light, and to own up to our part in the game. While awareness may seem to hurt, withdrawing it will ultimately hurt a lot more. Part of what we need to remain aware of is how serious our political problems are, and use that awareness to define these problems in ways that can be solved.

Sun in Scorpio. Shared resources and consciousness of power relationships are among the themes of Scorpio, as is the appropriate use of sex. The Sun-Moon opposition is calling us to be highly aware of inequity in our personal relationships. Scorpio is such a powerful power tool because people are, for the most part, totally dependent on one another for survival even though we go to great lengths to deny this. The eclipse happens shortly after Samhain, Halloween and Days of the Dead, which is calling on us to honor our common fate, notice the inevitable cycles of life and death, and to establish contact with our ancestors and predecessors. Sun in Scorpio may illuminate awareness of a whole lot of problems, calling our attention to worlds of pain that we must acknowledge are harming us even though they are "in the past." But the Sun in Scorpio says we have the power, strength and resources to help ourselves and help others in healthy ways.

Saturn in Cancer. Preserving the integrity of the home, setting limits within our homes, and structuring our homes as the foundation block of community are among the messages of this transit. The last time Saturn was in Cancer, there was an enormous burst of social consciousness, collective awareness, and the feeling that "the world is all of our home." The environmental movement -- that is, not just demonstrations, but major developments in solar power and other alternative energy sources and awareness of the need for conservation -- came into awareness. Saturn's greatest rewards come when we learn to work within limits; that's the essence of Saturn's game. We certainly do have limits to work with and that means very rich rewards if we don't ignore them. Saturn in Cancer opposite Chiron in Capricorn is reminding us to pay attention to the ways in which the political is distinctly personal. Every law that is passed eventually finds its way to your living room and your mind.

Mars in Pisces. On one level this process is about learning the difference between passion and aggression. There is a difference. It's also about taking on a warrior spirit on the issue of truth and lies. There is a difference, but it's often one that induces crisis. We are witnessing a very serious crisis of integrity in our culture, and can point to many people who are telling lies. My sense is that the far more serious issue involves the people who believe those lies. Mars in Pisces is saying believe no lies and speak only truth. Pisces is something of the ultimate spiritual energy and Mars is the consummate warrior. Spiritual types often have a hard time with warrior energy, as if standing up for something important or obvious to you is somehow going to offend God. It may well have offended your parents, who were as god and goddess to you. But they are not God. It may well offend the part of your mind that wants to maintain control by perpetuating denial. Telling the truth definitely offends unrighteous authority figures, most of whom you don't realize exist until you actually open your mouth. ++

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